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Top Slider is a hidden container with module position "topslider", it's very top above header, always hidden, and slide down when a user click an open button.

What is it for?
Any kind of module you want, which should be hidden but good visible as its click button is always top center, for example, announcment, note, warning, disclaimer, login, share buttons or any other which you think is the best place for it..

This element has the fallowing features:

1-4 parallel modules
customizing backgrounds of container and button
text fields for open and close buttons

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Our template give you wide range of positions for Breadcrumbs module.
You can place it as usual above(position-2,3) or below content(position-4)
You can have it at footer-horizontal position if you don't use it for any menu.
Or you can use it Bottom D position(add there colors or patterns you like).

On this page we placed the Breadcrumbs module in all these 4 positions