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Top Slider is a hidden container with module position "topslider", it's very top above header, always hidden, and slide down when a user click an open button.

What is it for?
Any kind of module you want, which should be hidden but good visible as its click button is always top center, for example, announcment, note, warning, disclaimer, login, share buttons or any other which you think is the best place for it..

This element has the fallowing features:

1-4 parallel modules
customizing backgrounds of container and button
text fields for open and close buttons


Use any image for you custom header and change the look of the template it's just a couple of clicks in the admin dashboard. If the image too bright or colorful apply filters and your menu and elements will be good readable.

The header can be the different and as you wish, it can be clean and simple, to have animated modules of different elements like the search form, phone or email clicks etc.

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Beautifully designed template to give your site a stunning and unique look.
Template's inner components allow you add functional elements without external modules.
Ultimate control with the intuitive template manager and a highly user friendly admin interface.

Powerful administrator Dashboard

Top Slider
Page & Content Width
Header Elements
3 Top and 3 Bottom Panels.
Customizer with live preview
And much much more

Visual Customizer

Easy to customize template if you see how it looks without saving and reload a page.

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